Track construction assembly line technique

Efficient and accurate. Whenever space permits, the continuous track superstructure assembly line technique has proven to be the most efficient and fast method. Track construction is then done with the help of heavy machinery.

Gleisbauumzug Matisa P100

Advantages compared to the conventional cyclical technique

  • Precision
  • High working speed
  • Many work steps in one operation, for example when removing the old and installing the new rails
  • Kinder to the material
  • Better treatment of the subsoil

Eiffage Rail has cutting-edge specialised equipment, enabling the creation of rail infrastructure in a cyclical technique in addition to the assembly line technique. This includes, for example, the Matisa P100 rail track renewal train, which is the most powerful and safe of its kind in Europe today. In its design, the manufacturer incorporated our ideas as well as the experience we have gained over decades of track construction practice.