Sleeper and track renewal Eilenburg–Jesewitz

6.6 km of track and sleeper replacements with P100 track renewal train, ballast cleaning and full bed renovation



DB Netz AG, Leipzig

Project volume

EUR 1 million (approx.)

Construction time

November to December 2012; load tamping May 2013

Sleeper and track renewal using assembly line technique from km 22.662 to km 16.016


Track / underground construction:

  • Sleeper replacement with P100 track renewal train (6,646 m track)
  • Tracking ballast cleaning (5,796 m)
  • Full bed renovation (850 m, of which 600 m PSS paving)
  • Rail replacement (1,015 m)

Associated services:

  • Construction of shoulders (4,433 m)
  • Side drainage (540 m)
  • Reprofiling of railway trenches (1,520 m)
  • Dismantling/renewal of two level crossings