A tradition in track construction

Eiffage Rail is steeped in tradition as one of the longest-established market providers of rail infrastructure.

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We are track specialists using conventional and assembly line techniques. We also design and construct slab tracks as well as mass-spring systems. We round off our service portfolio with our state-of-the-art heavy machinery. Eiffage Rail works throughout Europe and Asia and is planning to expand its international business.

With more than 120 years in the business, we have expertise that is unique in the industry. Our clients, both public and private rail as well as light rail and tram companies, appreciate this extraordinary wealth of experience and high level of technical skill.

Dedication, safety, efficiency have always been the guiding principles for Eiffage Rail. This is our approach to customers, staff and users of railway infrastructure. And this is how we work towards your success.

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Total output in 2022
EUR 119 million

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