High Speed Line Bretagne - Pays de la Loire, France

Construction of 182-km high-speed line Bretagne – Pays de la Loire (BPL) between Le Mans and Rennes as part of the PPP project SNCF–Eiffage



SNCF Réséau (formerly RFF)

Project volume

EUR 3,400,000,000 (PPP contract)
EUR 364,000,000 EUR (track construction contract)

Construction time

01/2011 - 05/2017

New construction of a high-speed line between Le Mans and Rennes to achieve a travel time of 90 minutes between Paris and Rennes (approx. 350 km) including various connecting tracks to Le Mans/Laval and the connection to Nantes.

Work carried out:

  • 364 km new high-speed track (320 km/h)
  • The tracks were laid using the SMD 80 front-mounted train with an average output of 1500 m/working day
  • 40 km of feeder tracks into the existing stock (200 / 160 km/h)
  • Construction of two construction/maintenance stations with a total of 50 km/track and 80 sets of points
  • 400 km of base ballast planning with paver

Further work carried out as part of the overall Eiffage contract:

  • 194 bridges + viaducts construction works
  • 28,000,000 t of earth works
  • 400 km of overhead lines for high-speed line
  • Safety technology for ERMTS Level 2