Track renewal in the north of Norway – Project Nordlandsbanen

The task/scope of the project for the Eiffage Rail Nordic AB is to provide the client NRC with operated machinery, track-renewal train incl wagons, tamping machine and ballast regulator.

Projekt Nordlandsbanen Eiffage Rail Nordic AB


NRC Group

Project volume

9 Mio. EUR

Construction time

August and September each year (2019-2022)

The construction time is 20 – 30 shifts per year during the early part of August to the early part of September.

The task at hand is for us to exchange sleepers, attached these to the existing rail, align the track and regulate the ballast. Besides, we have started to extend our scope by providing various resources such as welding teams.

Eiffage Rail Nordic AB has completed the first stage of four, of the project Nordlandsbanen, in Norway. The work was carried out during 25 shifts, between 06.08.2019 – 05.09.2019. Work performed during the first stage was, renewal of 45,000 sleepers with our trackrenewal train P100 and sleeperwagons, Track adjustment / tamping with our 09-32 4S Dynamic, and ballastregulating with our SSP110.

The works at Nordlandsbanen that has been carried out during 2019 were successful and satisfiying for our client NRC/BaneNor. Given the good results we are looking forward to having the next stages performed.