Renewal of Pforzheimer Tunnel

Construction of the "Rheda 2000" slab track system

Pforzheimer Tunnel


DB Netz AG

Project volume

EUR 8.5 million

Construction time



Slab track construction (System Rheda 2000) in a double-tracked tunnel as well as on earth fill structures. Construction of a light Mass-Spring-System in the tunnel; earthworks, track works and specialized civil engineering.

909 m in a double tracked tunnel 


Construction work carried out:

  • Construction of 1898 m slab track (System Rheda 2000) in the new double tracked new "Pforzheimer Tunnel" and on earth fill structures
  • Construction of 598 m plane bedded Mass-spring-System within the new tunnel
  • Construction of transitions between slab track from the tunnel and earth fill structures
  • Construction of transitions between slab track and ballast track, drainage-, cablelaying-, erath and trackworks
  • Foundation and installation of a signal boom
  • Abutment safety device Hachelbrücke
  • Implementation plans for all services of VE 03, UiG + ZiE